A Pier In The Lake – 360 Pier

A Pier In The Lake – 360 Pier

Competition: A Pier In The Lake – Tirana Design Week Competition
Location: Tirana, Albania
Winning Competition Submission:  360 Pier
Architect: Createur Studio
Prize: 2nd place

Createur Studio had managed to capture its audience in this competition with its outstanding design of the “360 Pier”. Since its initially supposed to blend in with the landmark, the outline of the pier looks very well thought-through and promising. The winning 400€ were indeed very well-deserved!

From the architects: During this year’s Tirana Design Week, we decided to take part in the international competition “A Pier In The Lake”. The competition aimed to gather speculative design proposals that could propose new visions, and synergic acts, to defend the future of this by now non-normative (as sometimes its perceived) actor of Tirana’s urban-scape. We were engaged to imagine a new Pier in the Farka Lake and so we proposed “Pier 360”.

360 Pier resembles a cycle of purification. A process which has rhythmic interactions of water and land through different ambient settings as the steps to a mental and physical purifying experience. The circle is the universal symbol of totality, wholeness and infinite. It is an inviting form that contrasts with all the irregular natural shapes of the landscape.

360 Pier creates an experimental promenade around Farka Lake that connects different parks through an uninterrupted pathway. We are honored to have been awarded the 2nd place prize for our concept. Our team gained a great experience, knowledge and had fun during the process.

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