5 Ways to develop professionally during quarantine

5 Ways to develop professionally during quarantine

We are in a difficult time, where we should reamin in our homes to minimize the spread of the virus Covid-19, but is important to see this “isolation” as posibility to develop. Naturally it is hard to everyone, especially to us that are always on the go, on the site, meeting the clients, visiting showrooms for products and all of the sudden we are obliged to stay home…
It is not that negative, in fact we can use this time to gain and develop new skills and we do have some suggestions:
  1. Learn a BIM program

Learn a BIM program let it be Archicad or Revit. In our previous article from Aurora Baba, we explained all the reasons why an architect should pass from programs like autocad to BIM ( building information model). We believe that now, this situation is the right moment to dedicate to learn a new program which also gives the possibility to fragmentise the work so you can work on the same file even if you are not physically near to the team (like in the situation we are now). In case you want to learn Archicad or  Revit, Graphisoft  has a  youtube channel where you can learn the programs step by step.

Bim, archicad

2.Enhance your graphic design skills

Enhance your graphic design skills, this by learning and gaining more knowledge on programs such as Photoshop. So we suggest you to follow some impressive visualisers, so you can learn some new tricks to improve the graphics of your project presantations. Here is one that we really like.
Don’t  forget to learn also about Illustrator and Indesign ( perfect to create brochures, presantations) as essential to radically improve your project’s presentations.
You can find interesting courses about graphic design here.

3. Learn a live-rendering program

Naturally, the next suggestion would be te learn a new rendering program and we advice to switch to live rendering programs such as Lumion and Twinmotion, as they have live syncronisation with Revit and Archicad.

Interior wave lounge, rendered in Lumion 9 by ‎Kamon Tangruen.

4. Learn about history of architecture

Open Yale Courses, is a fantastik program. Just as you were in the Yale university auditorium you can choose one of their programs, such as Roman Architecture and widen your knowledge. There are a lot of interesting courses, like physocology, ecnomoy ..etc and you can choose one.
In case you don’t find something of your interest there, you have always the option to find it on Coursera or Udenmy.


Open yale course for roman Architecture

5. Read about architecture

Last, always reading a book is a very good option, there are very interesting architecture books, but you maybe would want to shift to arts or romans. We suggest you The fountainhead by Ayn Rand, an interesting book about an architect who seeks to create an architecture that represents the time that he lives in, detaching hisself from the classic architecture.

Architecture as space  by  Bruno Zevi
Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan
The poetics of space by Gaston Bachelard

Or you can choose to read a bit more about art like:

Point and Line to Plane by Kandinsky
Or Invisible City by Italo Calvino, which will surely fuel your fantasy!
The Source of Life by Ayn Rand, who at the center has an architect and idealistic approach to architecture to exemplify the culture and development of society

Use this situation in your favor by reinforcing your knowledge and your abilities! Stay home, stay safe and keep learning!


Poetics of Space
Gjuha e arkitekturës moderne

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