5 Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

5 Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Many of us live in a small apartment and there are many reasons behind that fact. But what is important is how can we turn this small space in a comfortable and stylish larger space. Small apartments could be difficult fitting in everything and making it cute at the same time. And that is what makes small space design a funny challenge.

Even though there is no specific formula when it comes to designing a small home or a studio apartment, there are a few keys to success that we have listed below for you.

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1. Keep it neutral

Calm, even-toned colored rooms make the space appear more bigger. This is the number one trick to optically change the size of a room. Add some textures to spice it up or  a rug to differ the floor from the walls.

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2. Create optical illusions with mirrors and curtains

This is the oldest trick in the list. Mirrors will make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier. And this adds a lot of style to your interior without having to use much space. On the other hand curtains hung well above the window impart airiness and height, making the space feel bigger.

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3. Use smart storage

Choose a custom storage unit instead of a regular bed frame for your mattress, so you create room for storage under the bed, or have it sit on a set of simple risers to create space for storage underneath. You can place shelves over your bed too, you don’t lose nearly as much valuable square footage. Even a windowsill can provide extra storage space for decor, books, lighting, and other essentials when there’s no room for an extra shelf.

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4. Create zones

Separate spaces not with walls but with shelves, curtains or even a partial glass wall. Tearing down walls or solid doors for glass or simple structures,  open up views and connect adjacent spaces. This way your small apartment feels bigger and lighter, and above more stylish.

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5. Think vertical

Tiny space are so easy to overlook, especially when there is no room for decor. If you don’t have enough horizontal space to decorate your apartment, go vertical. Use hanging or high-mounted elements in spaces between the top of the furniture and the ceiling. You can make your apartment feel higher by taking bookshelves and cabinets all the way up the walls.

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Extra. Use strategic furnishing

You can save extra space in your apartment by mounting your TV on the wall or above the fireplace instead of using a media console. Also replace your regular table with a round one so the used space is smaller and you can move freely in your kitchen. When guests are coming over, bring some extra seating that can fold up and be very compact and easily store away.

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