5 most liked projects on Pikark

5 most liked projects on Pikark

2019 has been a year full of new and successful architecture projects, starting from houses, apartment buildings, museums, schools, hotels, interior design and more. To celebtrate the new year eve, we are taking a look back at the most liked projects of the year on Pikark. Despite their diversity, there’s one thing all of these projects have in common: great architecture. Can you guess who takes the top spot?

Upper Qeparo revitalisation by Klaudio ÇURMAKU & Kristi NAÇO - The most liked diploma project proposal
  1. Servete Maçi Primary and Secondary School by Studioarch4

2. Kulla e Arnume by Plis Atelier

3. Gatsby eat&drink by V arkitekturë studio

4. Park Gate by X-Plan Studio

5. Cantilever House by Markingplan architecture

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