5 reasons to choose architecture

5 reasons to choose architecture

Lately we have seen many articles about “why not to be an architect”.
According to Forbes magazine, Architect ranked 12th in their list of most admired professions. If you already want to be an architect but internet is giving you reasons NOT to be one, below we have listed 5 reasons why you should choose architecture.

  1. It’s a lifestyle, not a job

When you become an architect you start thinking about architecture all the time. Even the street you walk everyday home looks different now. You pay attention to the materials, lightening, forms and volumes. And when you plan to travel somewhere, you already know what places to visit, or which famous buildings to see.

  1. You can be your own boss

According to the statistics 1 in 4 Architects are self-employed. If you don’t want to get orders from someone else, you can be your own firm. This option allows you to be free and fexible by choosing any kind of project, at any size. Also you are free to be part of any architectural contest and win commissions for major projects all by yourself.

  1. Incredible variety of options within the profession

Being an architect means being an artist. And the artist itself can do anything that has to do with the design. Even though your diploma gives you the title Architect, you can do other things than designing buildings. You can be a photographer, painter, graphic/web/fashion designer, constructor or urban planner. All you need is a training as an Architect and a bit of artistic flair.

  1. You can make liveable art

Never underestimate the power of design. Frank Gehry has said: “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”  There are projects that are buildings, and projects that are so much more…they’re art, liveable art that grows among people.

  1. Great income potential

And the most important, the architecture profession has great income potential. If you just graduated and you are looking for a job as architect, don’t be demoralized (don’t forget to send your CV at Pikark). While salaries for young architects starting out can be low for the equivalent training and education in another profession, the pay steadily increases with experience.
With great experience comes great income!

Extra. We can wear anything and still look good.

People except architects to be different and stylish. We can wear weird glasses, put weird hats and wear weird clothes because we have the right to. But you have to be creative otherwise you have to earn it.

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