10 Tips on how to be productive this New Year

10 Tips on how to be productive this New Year

As the new year came in very quickly, people around the world are beginning to reflect on another year passed. Many of us are setting New Year’s resolutions, but, as it always seem to happen, those very resolutions are soon to be broken and forgotten by most just weeks or days into the new year. If one of your resolution is to be more productive this new year, you have to do specific things that will increase your productivity.  Below we bring you some awesome ways to make that happen.

Image by Jeff Sheldon
  1. Stick to a rigid sleep schedule

Set a time you want to wake up every morning (including weekends), count backwards seven or eight hours, and stick to it – every day. This way you will be more refreshed and ready to get things done.

2. Create a morning routine

The idea behind a replicable morning routine is to establish at least some semblance of normality in our crazy, ever-changing lives. Start your morning routine by completing the bare essentials, then add more or less important items over time, till it becomes a routine.

3. Develop a new non – architectural hobby

It can be yoga, hiking, dancing or anything that can help you escape the everyday life and the most important, helps your architectural side.

4. Create an inspiring studio

To stay focused clean out the clutter in your office and complete with a desk and decorations that foster creativity. You can try Feng Shui too. Gather your favorite candle scents, oils and crystals for the new year. It helps you to find balance and harmony in your working space.

5. Prepare a playlist of music that motivates you

Studies say that classic music helps in developing the brain, but you can put songs of any genre on the list if they motivate you.

6. Attend  architectural conferences

Research  architectural conferences you’d like to attend this new year. You can start with the 3rd edition of Share Tirana 2020 on this 11th February.

7. Establish an agenda

Keep your ideas, projects and meetings organized. An agenda keeps you on track with the sequence of topics to be addressed, and it helps in ending the meeting on time.

8. Take breaks and travel more

You can start as simply as turning off your computer earlier in the day, avoiding emails after a certain time, or going for a relaxing walk after work. The point is to take your mind off work for a few hours every day. However, when it comes to subtle textures, atmospheric spaces and beautiful details, there is no substitute for traveling to experience architecture in person. Cities in Albania are full of hidden gems just waiting for you to cast your critical eye over in 2020. Whether it is a simple walk around the block or a plane ride to the other side of the world, travel more this year!

9. Write a “Love-To-Do” list

Add the things you love to do to your list. This may sound counterintuitive, but it serves as an outlet to keep you happy and your creative juices flowing. By scheduling time to do things you enjoy, can make you more productive in the long run.

10. Get things right the first time

Most people are wildly distracted these days, and this leads to mistakes. Become a special performer by having a mindset of doing what it takes to get it flawless first. This unleash your productivity and saves you days of having to fix problems.

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